Boycott the British Columbia Election, Vote for the Republic!  

On October 24, people in British Columbia will be asked to ratify the covid police state measures that place all power in the hands of one man, the Lieutenant-Governor, and puts him and all politicians above the law.

The Republic of Kanata calls on everyone to boycott the election and vote instead for the Republic through our alternative balloting system.

Join the nearest Republican Assembly and take back power from a corporate system and its paid politicians!   

Post this link widely and join your local Common Law Republic Assembly. Write to and see .    

Issued by the National Council of the Republic of Kanata

October 17, 2020

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The Vision, Proclamations and Program of the Republic can be found in Establishing Liberty: The Case for the Republic of Kanata at . These statements are also found on this site.
The Voice of the Republic can be heard online every Sunday at 3 pm pacific, 6 pm eastern at . For a general background on the history and issues that led to the creation of the Republic, see and the historic documentary on genocide in Canada, Unrepentant, at A complete list of the publications and biography of Kevin Annett can also be found at . 

Kevin is a founding citizen of the Republic and one of its three national Conveners.